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The following keywords should also be considered. They will be less competitive than the main keyword and may be valuable microniches in themselves.

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Interpreting the Results

The Keyword Competition Tool shows two values: a Competition Score and a Popularity Score.

Competition Score is an estimation of how much competition there is in this niche and how difficult it might be to get traffic from the major search engines. In other words it is an assessment of how difficult it would be to get in the top 10 search results for that keyword. It is expressed as a percentage (100% = most competitive).

Niche Saturation Score is an estimation of how many bloggers are actively blogging in this particular niche. It is also expressed as a percentage (100% = lots of people blogging about this niche, 0% = almost nobody is blogging about this niche). More show that bloggers are much more active in this niche. If you see mostly then it is likely that there aren't many bloggers blogging about this particular niche. This is definitely a good thing, as you will have less competition to worry about.

Most bloggers tend to choose the same niche. When I was a member of The Keyword Academy it turned out most of the members were blogging about furniture, whereas I was blogging about relationships and somebody else was blogging about the universe. While there are maybe still opportunities in popular niches such as weight loss, dog training and make money online, you will tend to get better results if you choose a far less popular niche.

You can also hover over the user icons to see a screenshot of blogs in that niche. If the blogs don't seem relevant to your keywords it is due to either FindABlog.Net's database not yet containing any blogs in that niche, or maybe there aren't actually any blogs in that niche.

Note that less popular niches may still be very competitive. It's just that your competition is likely to come from big corporations or small businesses rather than from small scale bloggers. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because bloggers can often be better at keyword research than corporations are. They also have the time and flexibility to take approaches to site building that major corporations would not take.

Since this keyword tool depends on historical data it tends to be less accurate on more recent niches that have become very popular. One example of this is cryptocurrencies, which have exploded in popularity since 2017. The keyword tool is also designed to work only in the English language, so results for other languages will be erratic.

Ideally you need to find a niche that has a Competition Score of less than 40 and a Popularity Score of less than 20.

Once you've found your niche then do some research about what kind of site you should build. The first place you should check out is our blog directory sister site at FindABlog.Net. There you can check out what other bloggers are doing in your niche (if any). It's also worth checking out FindAStore.Net because some niches lend themselves well to creating eCommerce stores. Finally some niches could work well as forums - so you definitely will want to check out our FindAForum.Net forum directory site.