Updates to FindANiche.Net

22 February 2021: Even Better New Keyword Competition Tool

The new keyword tool has been enhanced and is now out of Beta... Enjoy :)

I've also added a contact page and improved the top menu.

21 February 2021: New Keyword Competition Tool

There's a new Keyword Competition Tool. Use this to find out how competitive a niche might be, and how popular it is with other bloggers.

1 February 2021: Introducing SakiAI

Behind the scenes I've built my first ever AI powered application. The first role of this is to supply the home page niche images. As it generates more data I'll use it elsewhere in the site.

Other changes:

  • There are new side panels to highlight some easy and not so easy niches.

26 January 2021: Development of FindANiche Resumes...

Apologies for the lack of updates recently but I've been building up my new directory sites. They will all flow data into FindANiche though...

Some updates on FindANiche:

  • I've rearranged the top menu into Niches and Opportunities.
  • There's a new page for expired domains. At the moment there aren't too many there because the data comes from FindABlog.Net and I've only just started building that site. However, the list of expired domains will grow substantially in the coming months. I'll also add in forums soon - there are likely to be a lot of those because the data from FindAForum.Net is 7 years old.
  • I've put in a few fixes of things that were broken, mostly relating to the switch from using .PNG to the much more efficient .WEBP image format.
  • Niche research should now be speeded up.
  • Each niche shows a list of related e-commerce stores from our sister site FindAStore. The relevancy of these stores should improve once I've added a lot more stores to FindAStore.
  • On FindAForum if you look at a forum listings page there's now a link to related niches from FindANiche.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some niches from being displayed.

5 January 2021: Added a Niche Search and Other Site Enhancements

FindANiche has gained a search facility. It's pretty basic at the moment and may not work amazingly well as there isn't as much data about each niche as my other site FindABlog has about each entry.

I've also added pages to show the most popular, the easiest and the most difficult niches listed. All the links to view these are in the top menu bar.

Finally I've made the home page look like the site is a bit more finished. I still have a lot more niches to add to the site, but I need to wait until the site gains a bit more traffic first.

3 January 2021: More Niche Reporting Added

Each niche report now includes a list of up to 8 internet discussion forums relating to the niche keyword. These are supplied from our sister site FindAForum. Remember if you want to start a new money making website you don't necessarily need to start a Wordpress blog. Internet forums are still very popular, despite social media sites muscling in on their territory.

I've also tweaked the work in progress page so you can now click through to see more details of niches that are actively being researched.

Niches have now gained related niches. The relevancy of these should improve once I've added a lot more niches. I've also added some keyword suggestions for each niche. I'll add more of these in a subsequent release as they're really useful.

Finally I've integrated the Niche Laboratory Blog Post Title Generator into the site so each niche report now lists a dozen catchy headlines you could use as ideas for blog posts.

1 January 2021: Bare Bones Website Now Operational

The basic FindANiche website is now operational. At the moment niches can be accessed via the top menu link to show random niches. At the moment the niches are still being 'discovered' so there isn't too much data about each niche. Unlike my first attempt at a directory site (FindAForum), FindANiche is largely automated. This makes it much easier to scale the website to have over 100x as much content as FindAForum has. The downside is that it takes longer to populate the data. However the site will be easier to maintain than FindAForum, and it should contain a lot more up to date content.

At the moment only the first part of each niche report is completed. This shows some general information about the niche (courtesy of DuckDuckGo). It also shows some information about the likely niche competitiveness. This data comes from FindANiche's sister site Niche Laboratory.

The competitiveness score comes from assessing how many Niche Laboratory jobs have been run using this keyword phrase (or related words). As such it is largely an estimation of how much competition there is from other amateur bloggers. In this respect it works pretty well. For example TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) gets quite a low score but it is pretty competitive. In this particular niche there is a lot of competition from TEFL companies. However, there aren't too many amateur bloggers writing in this niche. It is therefore quite a good niche if you're small and nimble enough to outmanouever some of the larger players. For example plenty of amateurs are killing it on YouTube in this niche, rather than doing some traditional blogging.

What is good about the competition score is that it does make a pretty good job of assessing how many other bloggers are in a specific niche. For example anything relating to dog training, weight loss or keto diets scores pretty high. Incidentally there are plenty of untapped niches. The current database stores 114 niches and the average competitiveness of the niches is just 26. Sports niches seem to have quite a low competitiveness, with horse riding, swimming, cycling and Crossfit all being shunned by Niche Laboratory users.

31 December 2020: FindANiche.Net is Now Open!

Hi everybody!

I am pleased to announce that development has begun on FindANiche. At the moment nothing works but this should change rapidly. Most of the site's functionality already exists in other projects, so I just need to port it over to FindANiche.

In the meantime check out FindABlog because FindANiche will basically be just a clone of that site but with niches rather than blogs.